Core Component

BuddyPress Core is one of the two components that is required by BuddyPress. It is always activated on your community site. You cannot disable it: think of it like the heart of BuddyPress, could you live without your heart? BuddyPress can’t run without its Core ♥️.

The Core component doesn’t include much user facing features, its main roles are to manage:

  • Common functions, APIs, libraries and pieces of user interface other BuddyPress components can use.
  • Default BuddyPress member capabilities.
  • BuddyPress generated URLs parsing.
  • BuddyPress pages and views loading on the front-end.
  • Component items front-end navigation and corresponding WP Admin Bar menu items.
  • BuddyPress Settings/Tools Administration screens and BuddyPress global settings.
  • BuddyPress updates and upgrades routines.
  • Deprecated functions, APIs and libraries.

It only includes two user facing features:

  1. The BuddyPress Emails.
  2. The BuddyPress Login form Block widget.